about me

After working with coaches and mentors and transforming my life in a powerful way, I decided to become a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  As a trainer and coach, I am equipped to help others learn to grow from life experiences, embrace new behaviors, and eliminate unfavorable attitudes. I enjoy teaching women how to take charge of their own mental, physical, and emotional well-being.  I realize my love of empowering women through my Inspired Magic workshops in San Francisco and working with women on an individual basis. 

Focusing on having the right mindset, mental and physical health, I became a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Health and Wellness coach specialist. I focus on living my life to the fullest! Some of my favorite activities outside of coaching and consulting are traveling the world with my husband (working on visiting all 196), exploring local outdoor restaurants, learning languages,  improving my photography skills, and reading. Both as a business professional and an entrepreneur, I am creating and living my dream and I look forward to helping you do the same! 



About Coaching



  • Coaching is a developmental ongoing interaction between two people, the Coach and the Client which assists the Client to develop her capabilities, achieve her goals and objectives and produce successful results. 
  • The NLP Coach creates and facilitates change, asks meaningful questions, motivates, creates insights, explains, tasks, evokes challenges, supports and encourages client's self-expression.
  • In NLP Coaching the Coach is going to work with the Client to discover and utilize the most productive strategies, values, and other modalities already at her disposal but which she is not utilizing to the most for her benefit. The focus is on the Client in achieving her coaching goals and objectives. 

why coaching?

  • Coaching brings out the best in people, sharpens and perfects their already acquired skills as individuals, in teams and ultimately in society.
  • Emotional balance and positive emotions are directly related to the ability to be productive, resourceful and effective. 
  • Coaching stimulates individuality - it allows the client to decide for themselves the best approach in solving their problems, how to interact with their bosses, managers, customers, and ultimately how to proceed in their personal development. 
  • Coaching provides expertise in an area as well as an added layer of accountability. Together, a coach and client are able to remove what is blocking you and define what true success looks like for you. 

About you

You know that you can create more fulfillment in your life and you're looking for someone to help get you there. 


change your mindset & change your life