In 1997 I created a bucket list of things I want to do before I leave this world. After a much needed Fall cleaning I have found this list and it blows my mind how many things I have accomplished and how many I have yet to achieve. A friend has recently inspired me to update my bucket list and look at what I want to see and do in this life.  So here is my 1997 List, those in bolded italics are what I have checked off.  Please keep in mind this list was created by my High School self. :)

La Cueva de la Ventana

La Cueva de la Ventana

Central park, new york city

Central park, new york city

Since 1997 I have added many items to my Bucket List and kept them on my phone. I'm sharing them with Universe as a reminder that I have control over what I accomplish in this life. I invite you to take a look at what you want to experience, and make it happen.  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” - Henry Ford

My Bucket List

·      See the Mayan ruins in Guatemala

·      Become a certified Yoga Teacher (2013)

·      Get certified in Health Coaching and Nutrition Coaching (2013) 

·      Step foot in all 50 states. 

·      Run a half marathon

·      Get my Masters in Spanish

·      Go to a Super Bowl game (2001 Oakland vs Tampa Bay)

·      Go to an NBA Final game (2008 Lakers vs Celtics)

·      Go to Brazil for Carnival

·      Hike to the top of Mt. Tallac

·      Create a great relationship with my sister

·      Do a ropes course (1 hour course 50 ft high Park City, UT)

·      See Iguazu Falls in Argentina

·      Compete in a mud run

·      See the Grand Canyon

·      See les Miserables (2012 London)

·      Be in a fitness magazine

·      Photograph the penguins in Tierra del Fuego

·      Officiate a wedding (my sister and best friend)

·      Learn to be a trapeze artist

·      Meet a Green Bay Packer (Charles Woodson! 2013)

·      Ride in a gondola in Venice

·      Become a Master Practioner of NLP

·      Successfully complete Trainer's Training in NLP

·      Meet Tony Robbins

·      Have Giants Season Tickets

·      Work for myself and thrive

·      Sunrise hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

·      Go to Lambeau Field for a game (2012)

·      Become a certified NLP practioner (2014)

·      Take a photo with a current Giants baseball player (Madison Bumgarner!)

·      Host a TV show for an episode (or more)

·      Go to a World Series Game (2012 & 2014)

·      Write a book

·      Go the coliseum in Rome

·      Visit Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and take epic photos

·      Go to the Super Bowl (2001 Raiders vs Buccaneers)

·      Go to a Packers Super Bowl

·      Go on a Mission to help those in another country

·      Become a certified Health Coach (2014)

·      Take a cheesy photo in front of the Eiffel Tower

·      See the Northern Lights

·      Stay on the island of Santorini where there’s an incredible view of the Ocean

·      Visit the Louvre

·      Visit the Sistine Chapel

·   Spend a day in Vatican City

·      See Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye (2012 & 2014)

·      Climb the Pyramid of the Sun

·      Publish a poem

·      Write a book

·      Sky dive

·      Bungee jump

·      Be in a film or TV production

·      Learn to play an instrument (Guitar and Ukulele)

·      See a play on Broadway

·      Have a career

·      Find the man of my dreams

·      Get married

·      Have children

·      Go to Machu Picchu

·      Learn Vietnamese

·      Learn Italian

·      Buy a house

·      Try a martial arts

·      Take a photography class

 Countries to Visit:

·      Vietnam

·      Australia

·      New Zealand

·      Croatia

·      Greece

·      Iceland

·      Scotland

·      Sweden

·      Turkey

·      Cambodia

·      India

·      Japan

·      China

·      Thailand

·      Bolivia

·      Costa Rica

·      Guatemala

·      Nicaragua

·      Turks and Caicos

·      Brazil

·      Peru

·      Fiji

·      Indonesia

·      South Africa

·      Antarctica

Countries Visited:

·      Czech Republic

·      Aruba

·      England

·      France

·      Germany

·      Italy

·      Portugal

·      Spain

·      Switzerland

·      The Netherlands

·      Canada

·      Mexico

·      Puerto Rico

·      Argentina