Joy Aaring | Founder & CEO of SheLeads

The journey I went on with Michelle was powerful. At the beginning I had no idea what to expect and how deeply it would change me and help me grow. I came to Michelle initially to help me prepare for a big interview which I believed at the time was the most important next step in my life. When it turned out that the job didn’t match my goals in life, my values, or what I truly desired, it was time to make a big change.  I knew that in order to move on to the next chapter of my story I had to do something I had never done before: I had to step into the unknown to grow and I had to learn the path from someone I truly respected, and so I committed to doing Michelle's full NLP Breakthrough Program. 

I vividly remember walking into my first session; I was nervous but ready to embrace change. When I left my first session I could already tell my energy had shifted. I was different but couldn't explain how; it was a beautiful feeling. With each time we met, as we moved through deep unconscious work - removing negative emotions and self limiting beliefs - I learned immensely more about myself and felt like I was coming into a power that I had never felt before. Michelle was the exact catalyst I needed to recognize my truth and embrace my purpose. She literally works magic and showed me my own. From the moment I began my coaching and every session beyond, I have experienced profoundly wonderful change which includes a job I love and the confidence to move forward with my truest passion in life.

Michelle Hillier