Stacia Burton – Marketing Wizard

I had been in the proverbial “position-purgatory” for longer than I care to admit when I sought out Michelle.  I had been treading water in the same spot for too long and needed a guide to help me swim into the deep water that was always just beyond my reach.  I found that and more with Michelle and the Inspired Method – it wasn’t just a life jacket, she taught me new ways to swim.

Michelle is wonderful at asking the right questions that led me to unlock unrealized potential.  This advanced my journey along my path in an honest, direct, and insightful way that brought about real thought and change – her gentle and grounded way of providing insight to my behavior and thought patterns allowed me to become “unstuck” in ways I never assumed possible.  This increased self-awareness coupled with her guided release of my limiting beliefs adjusted my perspective, and now I am making enormous professional strides resulting in more opportunities, time, and money on my plate.  Not bad problems to have – all thanks to Michelle’s Inspired Magic.

Michelle HillierComment