How to Dominate the 2nd Half of the Year

It's hard to believe that 2019 is halfway over. If you're anything like me, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was ringing in 2019 with big plans and dreams for creating all I wanted and more this year. While I've been able to accomplish much of what I hoped for this year so far, a lot has shifted and changed with... well, you know.... life

Regardless of how close or far from your goal you currently are, there's still time to make your biggest goal happen. But there's the thing, it doesn't happen with hope and it doesn't happen with wishing, it happens with a plan and some major action.

Here's a simple plan for how to finish your 2019 strong. 💪

How you finish.gif

First you need to decide what's the one biggest goal you want to accomplish this year. This is the most critical step. If you don't know what your target is, there's no way for you to hit it. Get really clear about what you want this to be and ask yourself three questions:
✨Is this something I want for myself?
✨Will this help me improve my circumstances?
✨Is this something I have control over?
If you answer no to any of these, choose something else. If you answered NO to question three, go back to last week's email to see if it could be a limiting belief.

Next choose the date you want to have this finished by. Without a deadline there's no way to create a plan. Remember that it has to be an actual date and not "next month," or "in a few weeks." If next month comes then your goal will still be set at "next month." Write down the date including day, month and year.

Now you can reverse engineer your path based on the timing you chose. Reverse engineering is a great way to achieve just about any goal. It's simply working backwards to determine when and what steps you'll need to get to where you want.
ie. If you want to go from weighing 150lbs to weighing 130lbs by December 1, 2019, you get to lose 20 lbs in 5 months. That breaks down to 4lbs a month, or 1lb per week. Since one pound of fat is the equivalent of burning 3,500 calories, you would burn 500 a day to reach your goal. You could achieve this by eating 300 fewer calories a day (swapping white rice for cauliflower rice for instance) and burning an extra 200 calories a day (a brisk 30 minute walk.) There are endless ways to achieve this goal, but it starts by breaking it down in a way that is digestible for you...pun intended.

If you need any help with this part, message me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to assist.

It’s time to take to action and finish 2019 how you want to 🙌

xo Michelle

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