What is NLP and how do I use it to create the life I want?

Are you ready to get better control of your 🧠so that you can create more joy and ease in your life?

Many of you know that I am a trainer of NLP which just means that I am certified to certify other practitioners. It’s really just a fancy way of saying I’ve been doing this a while and I’ve got the credentials to teach it. What that means for you is that I can teach you some tools and strategies from NLP…and for free! 

So what is NLP anyways? ... I have to give you the heads up that I’m going to get a bit nerdy for a few paragraphs, come be nerdy with me. 

NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. NLP is how you can successfully get results time and time again by leveraging the strategies that work for you.

Let's break it down:
Neuro 🧠: nervous system and the mind. How you process information through your five senses. When you do it well, you create outcomes you desire, when you don’t do it well, you don’t achieve our goals. Have there been times in your life where you set out to do something and it came with total ease on the first attempt? Then maybe there were other areas of your life where you've been trying time and time again and nothing seems to be changing at all? Yeah, we're going to fix that. 

Language : how you perceive messages. These are the words you use in your mind and externally to others through communication. 

Programming : is the ability to discover and utilize the unconscious programs you run inside of your head. Don't think you run programs? When you enter a restaurant the chair you choose is based on a program, when you get into the shower, you tend to have a routine of what you do first, when a stressful situation arises, there is a specific way you deal with it. Everything is a program, and just like a computer, when the program isn't getting the results you want, it's time for an upgrade. 

Here’s how this helps you - when you understand your brain and how it works you have much better control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Who wouldn’t want a roadmap to their brain?


Over the next few weeks I'm going to be breaking down the most powerful rules for NLP so you can take control over the second half of your year. I have to stress, it's not about what you're doing right or wrong, it's just about doing the best you can with the resources you have. (ps, that's the first rule of NLP )

So to kick off this NLP toolbox I'm going to give you the biggest life-changing rule: Your Unconscious Mind Does Not Process Negatives. That's right, your Unconscious Mind, as brilliant as it is, just skips right over any words that are negative ie, not, no, don't, can't, etc. What this means for you is that when you state a negative phrase, your brain only hears it as an affirmation. 
❌"I don't want to spill on this shirt" = "spill on this shirt"
❌"I won't mess up this interview" = "mess up this interview"
❌One you may say to your kiddos - "You cannot stand on that table" = "stand on the table"

The list goes on and on. Now think about the way you speak to yourself daily. Are you saying what you WANT or stating what you DON'T want?

Take a piece of paper and write down: Say it how you want it and post it somewhere visible. When you catch yourself stating things in a way you don't want, state it in a way that will give you better results.

To fix the statements above:
✅I'm enjoying this clean shirt.
✅I'm going to rock this interview.
✅Feet on the floor.

Notice how different the statements feel and put this exercise into practice today. 

It's time for magic 

xo Michelle

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