What does your Unconscious Mind have to do with Goals?

Hey there, I hope you had a marvelous weekend and are ready to smash your goals this week. 

Continuing on the NLP train, here is one of my absolute favorite lessons. 

Your Conscious Mind is the goal setter and your Unconscious Mind is the goal getter.

When you set out to create a new goal, you think about what you want, and then you decide consciously to make it happen. That's all you really need, right? Don't we wish it would be that easy. When you set a goal consciously, you set everything into motion, but what is actually going to allow or deny your action to continue is yourUnconscious Mind.

Everything we believe in this world is based on programs that we run in the background. These programs have been created by things we've heard around us, our family members, friends, and wonderful or terrible experiences.

If you get every single job you've ever applied for, you may run the program that you're great at interviews. What also is happening under the surface is somewhere along the way you decided that preparation is important for you, that you have the confidence to go after what you want, and that anything good is possible. If you never get the jobs you apply for, even the ones you're really qualified for, you may run a program that you're not worthy of a better job, that starting a new job would be too much hard work, that winging interviews is fine, etc. These kinds of programs sabotage your success and keep you from achieving what you want in life.

So how do you know if your unconscious programs are going to help you or hinder you in getting what you want?

Michelle Hillier NLP Coach

Once you've set your goal, to make sure that your Unconscious Mind is on board with achieving it, ask yourself the following questions:

🌟Do I believe with certainty I can achieve this goal?
🌟Do I have the confidence to go after this goal?
🌟Is there anything that can stop me from achieving my goal?
🌟Do I need to rely on anyone else to reach this goal? 

And a bonus question:

🌟Is this a MUST have or just a nice to have?

If you answered NO to either of the first two questions or YES to either of the second two, then write down the limiting beliefs you have and I'll help you remove them next week. 

Here's what a limiting belief looks like: I would like to have this, but "excuse xxxxxxxxx." ie I would love to lose weight, but "there's not enough time in the day, I don't have the resources to get healthy, cooking my own dinner is impossible, being healthy is too expensive, etc." 

For the last question, to truly get what you want in this life, make it a MUST have. Nice to haves create weak motivation, MUST haves will get you fired up to do whatever it takes. Are you ready to make some changes?

Have a beautiful week and get ready for magic 

xo Michelle